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Winter joy at the lake

Winter at the Pesentheinerhof is something very special. The lake lies before us in its well-deserved winter rest, the mountains all around are covered with a cap of snow and the days are getting shorter.


Secluded from the hustle and bustle, enjoy winter days without having to do anything. After a hearty breakfast, enjoy the cold, clean winter air and the glaring sunlight on a walk in the woods with a view of the calm lake. Tired of the fresh air and the cold, we take a little afternoon nap before going to a cozy inn or a winter market on a lake raft.


Morning skiing in the sun in one of the many small family ski areas in the area, perhaps on the Goldeck or St. Oswald. And the day after tomorrow we will go to Weissensee and see if we can ice skate as well as the Dutch. Grandma is allowed to go on a horse-drawn carriage ride around the lake for the time being. She'll be back for afternoon coffee. Drinking coffee on the largest ice surface in the Alps with a panorama has something ...

After the sporty days relax your muscles and lie around in your bathrobe for a whole day in the Millstatt bathhouse, get a massage, take a sauna, read, sleep and admire the glittering surface of the lake in between.


The next day, well rested, you can go snowshoeing directly to the Millstätter Alm. The view of the lake and the southern chain of the Alps is really liberating. The investment in good sunglasses has paid off because it is really bright here!


It's nice that there is no hustle and bustle of the winter sports resort here, but that we still don't miss anything and can do everything.


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