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Summer freshness at the lake

Swimming, diving, licking ice cream, enjoying the long days, smelling fresh flowers and letting your mind wander. That is the summer at the Pesentheinerhof directly on Lake Millstatt.


Get up when you wake up, enjoy a wonderful, fresh breakfast in your swimming shorts on the terrace and head to the lido, which we can walk to in 2 minutes. The portion of french fries and an ice cream in the beach buffet get us through the day. Charged by the sun and relaxed, stroll along the lake to Millstatt in the evening and enjoy a fish from the lake and the sunset in one of the beautiful guest gardens. The short walk home and the chirping of the crickets let us sleep soundly.

Tomorrow before sunrise I go to the alpine pasture. I can already hear the ringing of the cowbells and the screams of the eagle and I can already smell the fresh alpine meadows.

If the weather is not okay, we read on the balcony or we drive to the nearby Granatium and grind a garnet stone that we extracted ourselves into a beautiful pendant. Or maybe we would like to get to know a new sport and take tennis lessons or try our hand at golf. We have never sat on a horse or sailed from the mountain to the lake with a paraglider. Speaking of which: I've always wanted to learn to sail ...


Here is the information page for the region ...


By the way: The Millstätter See Inclusive Card , which you receive on arrival, makes most of the activities a free or discounted pleasure.

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